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The Kentucky Manufactured Housing Institute (KMHI) is the trade association representing the factory-built housing industry in Kentucky. KMHI supports our members with training, continuing education and information — ensuring that the people who design, build, install, sell and finance factory-built homes have access to the best industry practices available.

Our members are dedicated to providing safe, affordable, high-performance homes to individuals and families in communities across the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

An Affordable Homeownership Solution

The supply of affordable, quality housing is shrinking across the country — and Kentucky is no exception. Those looking to own their home in today’s market are sacrificing quality for lower mortgages, or turning to rental options. Modern, factory-built homes offer a solution for Kentuckians, creating a path to sustainable homeownership in their neighborhoods.

Our Work

By partnering with individuals and organizations across the Commonwealth, KMHI and our members are bringing increased housing choice to Kentucky. Our members are ensuring that homes are high-performing and energy-efficient — bringing more value to home buyers — and that buyers have access to smart, sustainable financing options for their home purchase.

A Process, Not a Product

We want all Kentuckians to have the opportunity to participate in the American Dream.

Owning a home has become a key part of that dream, but home prices continue to rise out of reach of many hard working Kentucky families. KMHI, our members and our partners don’t believe that people should have to compromise on quality in order to afford a home.

Factory-built homes are a smart choice for Kentuckians of all backgrounds. Today’s homes balance affordability with top quality features and amenities, energy-efficient performance, and modern style.

Whether it’s a young couple just starting out, a family looking to invest in a stable home for their children, or older individuals who want to make sound decisions for retirement, factory-built homes are a great housing choice for many Kentuckians.

Building a home in a factory is just another process. A home isn’t defined by how it is built, but rather by the individuals and families who live there and share their lives together. Those are our homeowners.

Our Members


Our manufacturers create jobs for thousands of hard-working Kentuckians, and provide valuable workforce skills. They produce high-performing, durable, and energy-efficient homes that allow the opportunity for homeowners to build wealth and have and asset for their financial future.


Our retailers work to make sure that those looking to purchase a new home are making the right choice for themselves and their families.


Our communities provide safe, stable housing and amenities for Kentuckians of all ages and backgrounds. Living in a community offers the chance to own a home, while having access to facilities, shared spaces and community centers that foster a neighborhood appeal.


Our lenders offer financing options that allow for prospective home buyers and homeowners to make smart, informed decisions for their home purchase and financial future.


All of our members, along with the mission-driven nonprofits, state and local policymakers, and state government agencies that we partner with recognize the value of factory-built homes — and actively work to create greater opportunity for homeownership in Kentucky.

Our Staff

Logan Hanes, CKD

Executive Director

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Amberly Brislin

Director of Communications & Operations

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Debbie Gordon

Administrative Support & Finance Manager

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