Committees 2017-2018

Our strength is our members and their visions.
For more information, contact the KMHI office, or one of the committee leaders below:

President: Barry Noffsinger
Coordinator of Committees: Darrell Overstreet, First Vice President

Education, Special Programs and Conference Committee
Amie Hacker, Chair
Don Sharp, Vice-Chair

Executive/Personnel Committee
Barry Noffsinger, Chair, President
Amie Hacker, Vice-Chair, 2nd Vice President

Legislative, Regulation and Communities Division Committee
Nathan Smith, Chair
Ken Fister, Vice-Chair

Past Presidents’ Council
Don Sharp, Chair

PAC Committee
Dustin Ewing, Chair
Amie Hacker, Vice-Chair & Treasurer

KMHI Delegates to MHI
Federated States Division – Amie Hacker
National Communities Council – Nathan Smith
National Retailers Council – Amie Hacker
Alternate Delegate – Dustin Ewing

KMHI Delegate to MMHF
Kreil Moran

Education, Special Programs and Conference Committee


  1. To maintain a proactive plan for the elimination of discriminatory and exclusionary zoning and land use policy related to manufactured housing on state, county, and municipal levels and to guide and assist the KMHI staff and such consultants and counsel that may be engaged by the Association.
  2. To provide opportunities for KMHI member and non-members that will enhance their education level and improve the professionalism of the industry.
  3. To develop programs/activities that will directly or indirectly increase the number of manufactured and modular homes sold in Kentucky by improving the industry’s image, promoting its products and services, and creating a better understanding of manufactured and modular homes.
  4. To develop internal projects within the industry as well as programs for the public, elected and appointed officials and others.
  5. To produce an opportunity for KMHI members and others in the industry to come together for information, education, general business, fellowship, and networking that will be beneficial to those in attendance and to the association as a whole. To schedule, plan, and conduct the KMHI Annual Conference and the Annual General Membership Business Meeting, which is generally combined.



  1. Provide industry positions and policy to staff and consultants engaged to work with staff and committee.
  2. Target strategic areas (rural & urban), communicate with cities and counties and educate the membership and public.
  3. Promote state zoning law and model zoning ordinance provisions and develop proactive plans to influence KAPA, KLC, KACo and other organizations.
  4. Recommend legal action where necessary and help follow up on action.
  5. Promotion and conduct of general education seminars, and training courses.
  6. Research, program development, market identification.
  7. Work with consultants on public relations/awareness and information services.
  8. Host Annual Conference and Annual General Membership Business Meeting (includes planning, preparation, and conduct).
  9. Increase retailer involvement.
  10. Maintain a strong sponsor base.
  11. Recommend site selections at least two (2) years in advance.

Amie Hacker, Chair
Don Sharp, Vice-Chair
Pam Arnett                              Kreil Moran
Tom Austin                              Alex Morgan
Justin Austin                            Karen Paul
Lynette Brackett                      Sandy Perkins
Jeff Bundy                               Marcus Ray
Robert Derrick                         Paul Ritter
Dustin Ewing                           Tandy Roberson
David Finney                           Erin Sillings
Darin Heath                             Jerry Tackett
Jamie Hylton                           CJ Troutman
Jimmy Marksberry                  Wade Wells
Joe Marksberry                      Nick Whetsel
Jon McMahon                        Tony Wilcox
Norman Mills                          Eddie Wilson

Executive/Personnel Committee

To direct the Board in developing policy that will move KMHI and the manufactured housing industry into the position as the dominant housing provider. To maintain and compensate a strong, competent, productive, and loyal staff. To act on major issues during the interim between board meetings and administers the mutual assistance fund policy and act as the budget and finance committee.


  1. Assist appropriate committees with supervision and oversight of the implementation of KMHI Plan to allocate certain funds to major programs.
  2. Direct agendas and committee work in a productive manner.
  3. Review and adjust as needed the benefits and compensation provided to staff.
  4. Budget and finance operations.
  5. Act proactively on issues between Board meetings when necessary.
  6. Direct implementation of recommendations for future planning and any organizational or structural revisions as may be adopted by the Board of Directors.

Barry Noffsinger, Chair, President
Amie Hacker, Vice-Chair, 2nd Vice President
Darrell Overstreet, 1st Vice President
Ken Fister, Treasurer
Nathan Smith, Secretary
Don Sharp, Past President Representative

Legislative, Regulation and Communities Division Committee


  1. To review and recommend action to support, oppose, or take proactive positions in regard to state and national legislation, including but not limited to initiating approved projects when in the judgment of the Board such projects are deemed necessary and in the best interest of the industry and economically priced housing. To watch over, maintain, and recommend needed changes to all regulations, state and federal, that affect the manufactured and modular housing industry (SFM and Department of Housing, Buildings and Construction licensing and certification requirements, installation standards, safety and construction standards, lending practices)–enabling the industry to prosper in a regulated environment.
  2. To work with KMHI leadership and staff to enhance acceptable revisions to state and local regulation, when needed, for land lease communities and manufactured home rental properties. To further enable members to be professional and to manage their communities in a positive and profitable manner, and to provide an excellent living experience for their residents.
  3. To assist, when needed, on local or state zoning and land use issues, and to stay alert to local issues and make recommendations if necessary.



  1. Build a positive relationship with General Assembly members.
  2. Be alert to and communicate with KMHI members about legislative issues.
  3. Recommend positions on issues to Board.
  4. Review status of zoning enabling act, other tax laws, title insurance law, mortgage broker law, and other laws related to manufactured and modular housing.
  5. Monitor federal legislation.
  6. Review all existing state regulations affecting manufactured and modular housing, including community regulations.
  7. Compare and recommend any necessary elimination or changes to regulations.
  8. Seek input from membership, HUD, MHI, Department of Housing, Buildings, and Construction, Building Code Enforcement, and Cabinet for Health Services.
  9. Provide KMHI assistance to members concerning compliance with regulation and law.
  10. Promote well-maintained, safe, sanitary and attractive communities in Kentucky.

Nathan Smith, Chair
Ken Fister, Vice-Chair
Jerry Adkins               Jon McMahon             Tony Wilcox
Tom Austin                 Norman Mills               Bill Wilson
Justin Austin               Kreil Moran                 Eddie Wilson
Dick Berry                   Alex Morgan
Jeff Bundy                  Barry Noffsinger
Robert Derrick            Darrell Overstreet
Dustin Ewing              Karen Paul
David Finney              Sandy Perkins
Amie Hacker              Erin Sillings
Scott Hampton           Daryl Stone
Jamie Hylton              Jerry Tackett
Morris Hylton             CJ Troutman
Jimmy Marksberry     Diane Webb
Joe Marksberry          Wade Wells
Rick Martin                 Nick Whetsel

Past Presidents’ Council

To consider topics of long-range importance to the purposes and goals of the Association and its continued funding. The Council will function in an advisory capacity to the Board, and any recommendations from the Council will be reported to the Board by the Past President Representative.


  1. To assist the Directors and/or Committees in obtaining “grassroots” input from the membership on key issues.
  2. To recommend actions and/or policy in the best interest of the association and its members.
  3. To assist the KMHI staff in supporting the positions and policies approved by the Directors.
  4. To consider selection of KMHI members to recommend to National RV/MH Heritage Hall of Fame, to recommend KMHI members for KMHI Honorary Membership, to recommend nominations to KMHI State Hall of Fame, and to coordinate the selection of a nominee for national MHI awards.

Don Sharp, Chair
Jerry Adkins              Rick Martin
Dick Berry                 Kreil Moran
Ken Fister                 Barry Noffsinger
George Humfleet      Darrell Overstreet
Morris Hylton            Nathan Smith
Dennis Keene           Bill Wilson
Sam Lee

*Membership of the Council shall consist of all living Past Presidents that maintain current membership in KMHI.

PAC Committee

To provide support to the candidacy of legislative and other elected government officials that have the same philosophy on political issues as the industry and that have an understanding of the business environment and particularly manufactured and modular housing.


  1. Report previous activities and review candidates for election to General Assembly.
  2. Management of PAC funds.
  3. Implementation of PAC rules, policies, and procedures.
  4. Conduct PAC fundraisers in coordination with other committees or Board of Directors and to adopt and implement a plan to raise funds.
  5. Recommend Federal campaign contributions to National MHI-PAC.

Dustin Ewing, Chair
Amie Hacker, Vice-Chair & Treasurer
Ken Fister
Morris Hylton
Karen Paul