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Who Does What? * (A guide to federal, state, and local roles in manufactured housing)
Factory Built Housing Resources; 2013 update*
A 2013 Update on Regulations for the Installation and Inspection of New and Used Manufactured Homes*


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Kentucky Department of Housing, Buildings, and Construction (KY DHBC)
Kentucky Building Code Enforcement : Manufactured Housing

Dan Chapman, Supervisor, Manufactured Housing Section
Building Code Enforcement
Department of Housing, Buildings, and Construction
101 Sea Hero Road, Suite 100
Frankfort, KY 40601
(502) 573-1795 

Books and Articles

  • 2006 KMHI Brochures:
    Manufactured and Modular Homes - The Right Choice
    Two brochures, one for home buyers and one for local government.


For home


For local government

For free copies of these brochures, contact KMHI (502) 223-0490
  • "How to Buy a Manufactured Home" by MHI more*

  • "Developing with Manufactured Homes"
    by Steve Hullibarger more ...

  • "Guide to Foundation and Support Systems for Manufactured Homes"
    by Manufactured Research Alliance more ...

  • "Manufactured Housing Regulation, Design Innovations, and Development Options" by Welford Sanders more ...

  • "Manufactured Housing Site Development Guide"
    by Welford Sanders more ...

  • Modern Homes Magazine FREE Subscription:


Customer Satisfaction

  • Fannie Mae more ...

  • Freddie Mac more ...

  • Kentucky Office Of The Attorney General more ...

  • Manufactured Home Source more

  • Manufactured Housing Global Network more ...

  • Manufactured housing listing service - more ...

  • Online resource for home owners:

  • "The Complete Buyer's Guide to Manufactured Homes and Land"
    by John Grissim  more ...

  • "The Grissim Ratings Guide to Manufactured Homes:" by John Grissim  more ...


Land Use and Zoning

  • KMHI Suggested Policy on Zoning and Land Use Regulations
    for Manufactured Housing: 

    • Suggested Policy Guide more*... 

    • Model Ordinance more*...

  • Manufactured and Modular Homes - The Right Choice (for local governments)
    For free copies of this brochure, contact KMHI (502) 223-0490


  • DataComp Appraisal Services more ...

  • Foremost Insurance study:
    Manufactured Homes: The Market Facts 2002 Report more ...

  • HUD's Regulatory Barriers Clearinghouse (RBC) more ...

  • HUD's Office of Policy Development & Research (PD&R) more ...

  • HUD - Manufactured Housing more ...

  • KMHI Comparable Home Sales Database more ...

  • Manufactured Housing Construction & Safety Standards Act - "HUD Code" more ...

  • Manufactured Housing Institute more ...

  • Manufactured Housing Institute Education more ...

  • Manufactured Housing Resources - George Porter more ...

  • National Modular Housing Council more...

  • USDA Rural Housing more ...


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